Like many artists, lockdown put a stop to all my live performances, it became impossible to get into a physical space with collaborators. Whilst this was frustrating it all also gave me an opportunity to think outside the box, to redirect my practice away from the labour of live performance.

An opportunity to breathe, to dream. It was in this space, away from the noise of toxic productivity, that Stomach Full was born… An opportunity to experiment with the written form, to collaborate with some brilliant artists and carve out space for collective joy.

This zine is designed for you to take your time. Consume the pages whenever and wherever you like, but allow yourself to take your time with this artwork, to indulge when the desire takes you. ENJOY!


Curator and Writer: Rachael Young
Illustrator: Honey Williams
Interviewees: Anna Smith, Fly, Lucy McFadzean, Ruby Rare, Toni Lewis
Sound Design: Alicia Jane Turner, Naomi Jackson
Writers: Jamal Gerald, Josh Elliott, Mika Onyx Johnson, Myah Jeffers, Rajiv Bera

For the photographs included:

Photographer: Myah Jeffers

Image of: Rachael Young

Stylist: Mia Maxwell

Make up: Umber Ghauri

Captions by: Rachael Young

Concept and Curation: Rachael Young

Editor: Josh Elliott
Design: Catalina Velásquez Gonzalez
Producer: Ashleigh Bowmott, The Uncultured & Rachael Young
Artist Assistant: Alison Garner

This project has been generously funded by Arts Council England. Commissioned by Marlborough Productions for New Queers on the Block; The Theatre In The Mill; Camden People’s Theatre; Quarterhouse. Supported by New Fragments bursary from Home Live Art. 

Special thanks to:
Laura Sweeney, Ri McDaid-Wren, Elli Hall, Princess Bestman, Mable Cable and all those who have supported the work.

If you would like to purchase a limited edition copy of the zine STOMACH FULL for £10 plus p&p, please pay below

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All proceeds will be reinvested into creating new work.

Contact us if you have any questions: [email protected]