BODIES is an immersive water, light and soundscape environment that investigates the embodied experiences of our relationship to water. Ray Young’s new sound and performance installation will take place in swimming pools across the UK, inviting audiences into the pool for an active, sensory experience of water, discovery and rest.

BODIES is a sister piece to Young’s at-home performance experience THIRST TRAP, continuing their investigation into water as a key character in our conversations on climate justice.

Dates & Locations:

8th September 2022 :
UNLIMITED Festival at Southbank Centre,  Leytonstone Leisure Centre (London),
3pm 5pm & 7pm Ticket link

22nd September 2022:
Cambridge Junction, Abbey Pool (Cambridge) Ticket link

27th October 2022
Bramley Baths (Leeds)
Tickets coming soon.


Thirst Trap


Part-narrative and part-meditation, THIRST TRAP is a 30 min sound piece for audiences to listen to in the bath along with an experience pack of resources to change their physical environment, connecting closely with their personal atmosphere and relationship with their bodies. 

THIRST TRAP delves into the possible outcomes of rising temperatures and the correlation between social and climate justice. 

A sister piece to their new swimming pool performance experience BODIES, THIRST TRAP continues Young’s investigation into water as a key character in our collective conversations on climate justice.

Dates & Locations:

7th – 11th September 2022:
Southbank Centre,
Ticket link 

10th – 25th September 2022:
Dublin Fringe Festival,
Ticket link

Coming soon to Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse Theatres and What You See Festival