Listen to these sound works alongside reading STOMACH FULL zine to complete the experience.


Solo for Self  (intro): By Alicia Jane Turner

I discovered my queerness through solo sex, which has become the most significant sexual relationship I’ve ever developed. Building a sensual, intimate relationship with myself allowed me to explore my body as a queer body on my own terms, one that isn’t connected to heteronormative ideas of what sex should be. The freedom in solo sex, engaging with my mind to explore all of my desires and fantasies helped me realise that sex on my own is as important to my queerness as partnered sex. This solo piece for violin reflects the intimacy I have with my body onto the body of the violin, an instrument I feel closely connected to, that requires so many different kinds of delicate touch to play. It’s a love letter to myself and my joyful romance with my queer body.



Palm_Kissing_4:41 (intro): By  Naomi Jackson

“Hand-kissing has become rare and is mostly restricted to the conservative upper class or diplomats”, says Wikipedia. When googling ‘palm kissing’, you are taken to pages describing the kissing of the top of the hand as a sign of respect or submission.  

No mention of intimacy, no mention of affection. An act seemingly overlooked in the dominant heterosexual discourse. 

Moving from trepidation to exhilaration, this piece seeks to explore intimacy and queerness through an uncomfortable electronic soundscape of drone, swell, and vocal manipulation. With an uneasy, visceral beginning and a euphoric finish, we feel the fear of intimacy reconstruct itself into relief, satisfaction and wonderment.