Podcast Series – Ray’s Ramblings

The idea for this podcast emerged whilst I was making my recent show OUT, which explores homophobia and transphobia in Caribbean communities. During the research process I invited people to have conversations with me about their experience of being a queer Person of Colour in UK.  The stories that emerged were incredible and with the dire lack of black queer voices out there, we decided to create a four part series, brining you thoughts from Myah, Simone, Mark and Lola. We’ll be releasing the podcasts over the next few weeks, follow me on twitter for updates @Rachaelraymck.

Ray’s Ramblings # 1 – Myah 
In the first of the series we we speak to Myah about coming out to Bajan parents, performing gender and how she defines her queer identity.

Ray’s Ramblings # 2 – Simone
Next up Simone discusses the conflicts she feels between her sexuality and her religious identity.

Ray’s Ramblings # 3 – Mark
This week Mark explores what it means to keep up appearances, whilst trying to live your own truth.

Ray’s Ramblings #4 – Lola
For the final instalment Lola discusses ‘alternative relationships’ and touches on the impact that colonialism has on attitudes towards LGBTQ+ communities.


These podcasts were recorded and edited by Naomi Jackson.