Abstract water image with face/shadow superimposed
Abstract water image with face/shadow superimposed
Abstract water image with face/shadow superimposed
Abstract water image with face/shadow superimposed

Thirst Trap

by Ray Young

Welcome to the homepage of the THIRST TRAP experience, we are pleased to see you here.

What You Need:

  • 1x hour on your own time
  • 1x bathtub
  • 1x bath towel
  • 1x sound device (phone, iPad, tablet, laptop)
  • Internet connection
  • lighter/matches for the candle
  • 1x cup of water (optional depends on your thirst levels)
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Step 1

Run your bath. Whilst the bath is running, place the box somewhere in reach of the bath.

image of box near the bath

Step 2:
Preparing Your Bath

Your bath needs to be 25cm deep. To measure the water, take the stone on a string out of the box. Hold the end of the string and lower the stone into the water until it touches the bottom of the bath. The small black bead should float just above the water level.

The temperature should be between 34°C-40°C when you get in the water. Your stone will change colour from dark to light when your bath is at the correct temperature.

illustration of the string and stone

Step 3:
Preparing Your Space

Once the bath is at the required depth and temperature, take your candle and candle holder.

Light the candle.

Unwrap the scented sphere before pressing play - you will need it during the experience.

Place your towel next to the bath.

image of box near the bath

Step 4:
Preparing Yourself

Undress and get ready to get in the water.

Stand next to the bath and focus your attention on the steam from the water for 3 deep breaths.

illustration of steam

Step 5:
Begin the Thirst Trap Experience

Standing next to the bath, press play on your sound device. This narrative and meditation will play for 40 minutes.

The audio track will tell you when to get into the bath.

illustration of phone playing next to the bath

Thirst Trap

by Ray Young

Thirst Trap:

After the show

Dry yourself and get dressed.

Prepare your tea.

Take the time it takes to drink your tea to stay with your experience of THIRST TRAP.

illustration of steaming tea cup
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Thirst Trap

by Ray Young

Part-narrative and part-meditation, THIRST TRAP is a 40 min sound piece for audiences to listen to in the bath along with an experience pack of resources to change their physical environment, connecting closely with their personal atmosphere and relationship with their bodies.

THIRST TRAP delves into the possible outcomes of rising temperatures and the correlation between social and climate justice. A sister piece to their swimming pool performance experience BODIES, THIRST TRAP continues Young’s investigation into water as a key character in our collective conversations on climate justice.


  • Writer and Creator: Ray Young
  • Producer: Nancy May Roberts
  • Production Management: Lindley Productions
  • Sound Designer: Alicia Jane Turner
  • Original Designer (2020): Rosie Elnile
  • Designer (2022): Rūta Irbīte
  • Dramaturg: Season Butler
  • Climate Justice Consultant: Suzanne Dhaliwal
  • Original Image: Nick Cobby
  • 2022 Image and webpage design: Sam Thorne
  • Webpage development: Tim Jukes
  • Narrator: Flo Wilson


  • *Bath bomb has been rolled in activated charcoal, please see ingredients list, this may cause skin irritation for sensitive skin

    Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Persea gratissima Oil, Sodium Chloride, Parfum, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate, Aqua, Lecithin, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Helianthus annuus Seed Oil, Tocopherol, Linalool, Limonene, CI 42090.

  • Please ensure you don’t leave your candle unattended
  • Ensure your sound device is placed safely away from the bath
  • Activated charcoal may stain your bath