PLOUGH is an experimental short film created by award-winning artist and writer Rachael Young (NIGHTCLUBBING, OUT), co-directed with Myah Jeffers (Royal Court’s Living Newspaper, Brownton Abbey’s Re(Union)).

PLOUGH follows protagonist Shore, a mystic sentient being, an embodiment of historical labour, and a call to rest. Dwelling in the water 364 days of the year and returning to land on the 365th day to complete a yearly pilgrimage. They seek to decolonise and redistribute ownership and access to the English countryside. By connecting with their diasporic legacy, spanning past, present, and future generations, they allow healing through reconnecting to the earth. Their pilgrimage is a rejection of the violent flag-planting claiming of land; a gentle act of decolonisation.

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29 Oct until midnight 7 Nov.

HOME, Manchester,

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30 Nov –  4 Dec, 7.30pm.

Creative Team

Written and performed by: Rachael Young

Co-directed by: Rachael Young and Myah Jeffers

Producer: Char Boden 

Costume: Julian Smith

Designer: Rūta Irbīte

Director of Photography: Jasper Enujuba